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Caplena news

Updates to billing logic





In contrast to most other SaaS services, we try to only charge credits to your account when you really use the data. We also do not charge extra for translations, which we want to keep this way. However, we of course also want to make sure that this system is not misused.

There is no change in how much our service costs, only the moment of credit-deduction is changed in some cases.

What changes

  • Projects with more than 2500 responses and activated translations will be charged immediately on upload;
  • Saving charts will deduct the credits, if the project data has never been used before;
  • Uploads through the API will be billed on upload immediately, except when uploading reviewed responses.

What stays the same

  • The pricing;
  • Every response will only be charge once - after that, you can modify, visualize and download it as often as you want;
  • You will always be informed of a credit deduction before the action through such an info dialog:

Credit deduction Dialog

New Feature: Dummy variables

By default we do not count empty responses towards your credits. But if you have additional dummy data in your files (e.g. -99 representing empty responses), you can now define up to three dummy-values on your account page which will not be counted in subsequent uploads.

Dummy variables