Drastically improved list Autocoder

The automatic coding for list questions now handles inconsistently delimited mentions and can be reapplied consistently to new waves of a study.

To try it yourself, download this demo dataset, then upload it as list question.

Check out this Tutorial to learn how a brand awareness study is analyzed within minutes.

Mentions with different or no delimiter are categorized correctly

Improvements in detail

When collecting responses for brand awareness-like questions, you often provide multiple fields for participants to enter their answers. However, many users will enter multiple mentions in the same field, either separating them by commas or dashes, or not at all (see screenshot above). Our algorithm can now identify the relevant concepts in these cases as well!

Inheritance can now also be applied to list questions: If you already have a previous iteration of your survey and link the data during upload, the AI will group new responses into the codes defined in the previous survey. It will also suggest new codes whenever it makes sense, which you can accept or not.