Automatically code very short verbatims

Tired of coding different spellings of brand names in brand trackers?

In the past weeks we have built the new "Autocoder" which can code very short list-type verbatims - for example occuring in brand trackers - fully automatically. Read on to discover when and how to use it. Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 11.11.48.png

How to code list answers

Upon opening your project for the first time, you will be presented with the view above. Gain a quick overview over what codes we've discovered and the different spellings associated with it. You will be also able to directly see the resulting code-distribution. Adapt the settings on "Minimum count" and "Term similarity" if necessary to get more or less codes or to group them more or less aggressively.

Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 10.00.47.png

How to import list answer data

During import you will now be asked which type of data you want to code. Click on "List question" if your verbatims consist of very few words. For example, answers to the question "What is the most important online service for you?" would fall in this category. Make sure that every row only contains one term. If respondents entered multiple answers, e.g. separated by commas, split them into individual rows first.

If you would like to code open-ends with full sentences, click on "Open question" and you will see the flow you're used to.

Book a demo if you'd like to get a more in depth introduction into the Autocoder